Bell has created an electric helicopter tail rotor system

The use of electric tail rotors in a helicopter is expected to reduce its weight and increase

environmental friendliness by reducing fuel consumption.

The system developed by the company receivedEDAT name - it consists of four small electric motors installed in the rear of the helicopter. The rudders are controlled in the same way as in a conventional helicopter - with the help of a pedal - however, they are not driven by rods, but by an electric remote control system.

Helicopter Bell 429, in which withinA testing system has been installed; it has been tested at the Mirabelle training ground in Canadian Quebec since May 2019. Since the start of testing, the device has flown for 25 hours.

Earlier cargo tiltrotor CMV-22B Osprey committed first flight. The tests took place at the Amarillo, Texas, and were deemed successful.