Benches changed in Overwatch 2 because homeless people couldn't sleep on them

If in Overwatch 2 were homeless, they could not sleep on the local benches. Blizzard fixed it

misunderstanding (no, the homeless were not added).

In early June, a Twitter user under the nickname ClearTogether wrote that on the map “Midtown” in beta Overwatch 2 wrong benches. They say that the partitions on them do not allow the homeless to lie down to rest.

“I've been thinking about this since the beginning of beta testing,so I'll speak out, since no one else has become ... The architecture of the rows in Midtown, directed against the homeless, makes me very upset. These benches are designed specifically to make life difficult for the homeless. - ClearTogether

ClearTogother notes that such benches do not fit with the image of the advanced future that the developers are painting. Overwatch 2.

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