Bends and breaks: the first folding smartphone Royole FlexPai failed the test of strength

While the whole world is waiting, whose folding smartphone will be released first - Huawei or Samsung, Royole has several

months really sells the first flexible gadget FlexPai. And the other day, he was reached by the famous blogger JerryRigEverything, who tested the smartphone for strength.

And How?

The results of the first tests were predictable: the body and glass of the FlexPai are scratched in the same way as other smartphones, and the pixels fade over an open fire. But the display is protected not by glass, but by plastic, which is much easier to scratch.

But the third test was the most interesting. How to bend the smartphone, which itself is able to bend? Of course, bend it in the opposite direction. Initially, the Royole FlexPai folds the screen outward, but if you try to bend it the other way around, the hinge between the two halves of the device breaks immediately, and the rubberized fabric tears easily.

Despite damage to the hinge, the displayHe continued to work, but not for long: a large black band soon appeared on it, and some sections stopped reacting to touches. But the blogger still praised the smartphone for endurance.