Benjamin moore & Co. released a device and application for color matching in the interior

Paint maker Benjamin Moore has released the new Color Portfolio app and ColorReader to select colors from

using augmented reality.

Paint the walls without buying paint

In the application, users can see howa particular color Benjamin Moore will look in their room, save collections and instantly share images. The ColorReader is designed to scan color on a flat surface. After choosing the right shade, the application displays the three closest colors among the paints of the manufacturer. For example, you can take your favorite shirt, take the colors that go well together and try them on your walls.

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Color Portfolio is now available forFree download to devices with iOS and Android. The ColorReader gadget is available in two versions: standard for $ 99 and more expensive professional for $ 249. The second is equipped with an OLED display to display the results and is able to store more than 10,000 colors.