Best budget smartphones in January 2021 (official retail)

The joyous atmosphere of the New Year holidays is over, so this time I will not force

artificial optimism and bring you back to reality -the choice in budget smartphones has become lousy. Not as lousy as the choice of MPs for parliament or for the presidency, but even a couple of years ago, in 2019, which we think was no different in terms of technology, it was much more fun. And even in these conditions, there were five cool mobile phones for any budget, which will definitely delight you with their value for money.

Table of contents

  • The cheapest smartphone of the quality
  • Very powerful and hardy, but inexpensive
  • Longest battery life
  • Cool display and not Chinese
  • The only smartphone with a cool camera and a "racing" processor at an adequate price

The cheapest smartphone of the quality

Xiaomi Redmi 9A