Best iPhone GIF Apps

Gifs are everywhere now. We see them, save, send to friends and share on social networks. And what's about

to create gifs yourself?

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Below we have compiled the best free iPhone GIF apps.

GIF Maker

In GIF Maker, gifs can be created fromphotos, pictures, videos, live photo or even with a camera. In addition, you can add various effects, such as looping, slow motion, and time lapse.



The best functions GIF Maker:

  • Collection GIF Inside the application, you will find many fun options for correspondence.
  • Use editor to set the direction and speed, add text, filters, stickers, etc.
  • Share their GIFs Immediately on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Messenger. You can also copy, save and mail them.
  • Useful settings help automatically save GIFs, choose their quality and file format.

GIF Maker is a very simple and convenient application. You can create GIFs from scratch and edit the finished ones. After that, save them and share with friends.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, and iMessage.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.


PicsArt is another great app for creating gifs from photos, videos, or using a camera. Choose a source and start creating the perfect gif.



The best functions Picsart:

  • Use editor to set speed, resize, add stickers, masks or text.
  • Share their GIFs on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. They can also be saved and sent via the Share menu.

PicsArt is a simple but effective application for creating beautiful gifs.

  • Support: iPhone.
  • Price: Is free

ImgPlay - GIF Maker

The ImgPlay app contains options similar to GIF Maker options. You can create gifs from videos, photos, live photo, other gifs, drawings, your moments or using the camera.

The best functions ImgPlay:

  • Crop, reverse and do a lot more with your shot.
  • Use editor to add text and stickers, as well as rotation of the gif.
  • Share your gifs Via Messages, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Twitter. They can also be copied, saved and mailed.
  • Choose GIF Quality and add a loop effect to them.

ImgPlay is a good free app with decent features. It does not have a large collection of gifs, but it works.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, iMessage and Android.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.

GIF Maker by Momento

Another good application is GIF Maker by Momento, and you can also use live photo and video in it.

The best functions GIF Maker by Momento:

  • Add Augmented Reality Effects and Music to your gifs.
  • Use editor to add filters, adjust speed and direction, change contrast and brightness, add effects, zoom, crop, etc.
  • Save and Share GIFs in different formats and resolutions HD or Ultra HD. Share them via Messages, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, as a link, etc.

GIF Maker by Momento is the only app on our list with augmented reality effects, so it's definitely worth your attention.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple TV and Android.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.
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