Best iPhone Wireless Charging Stands

Want to buy wireless charging for your iPhone? You can purchase a vertical stand for charging. AT

unlike horizontal stands, on itthe smartphone is in a standing position, which means you can use it while charging. In addition, vertical charges work better and more reliably. Below we have put together the best stands for wireless charging iPhone.

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Belkin 10W Boost Up

Belkin's Boost Up Stand - The Most Obviouschoice, as she is one of the best. The cradle supports fast 7.5W wireless support and can charge other devices up to 10W. It works both vertically and horizontally. She also has a great design.


Seneo 10W

If you need a cheaper option, buystand Seneo. The smartphone on it is located at a convenient angle, and a bright light makes it clear when charging is active. The stand supports both 5W and 10W charging.


Logitech 7.5W Powered

Logitech's Powered Stand is the most beautiful on our list. It is suitable for charging a smartphone in a thick case, and can also charge it in a horizontal position. In addition, it is very reliable.


Samsung 9Tue Convertible

Charging Samsung for iPhone? Why not! It supports fast 9W charging and supports Apple smartphones. Customer reviews are very high. It supports both vertical and horizontal charging.


Anker 5Tue Powerport

PowerPort does not support fast charging and does notIt has special features, but it is very reliable. According to Anker, thanks to its advanced processor, the stand reduces charging time by 30 minutes. It comes with a 18-month warranty.