Best jailbreak tweaks for the Music app on iPhone

iPhone is a great music player. You can listen to almost any song, but with a subscription

Apple Music - Access A Hugemusic library. Here you can find everything from trend albums to the newest songs. The regular Music application is equipped with useful features that make it a powerful audio player, however, as always with software, there is no limit to perfection.

If on your device with iOS 10 donejailbreak, do not lose sight of some amazing tweaks designed specifically for the Music application. They add “Music” new functionality, refreshing and updating the look at the application.

In this article we will talk about the 8 best jailbreak tweaks and applications developed for the iOS music player.

The best jailbreak tweaks for the Music app on iOS 10

Colorflow 3

ColorFlow is one of our favorite tweaks forMusic applications. It automatically paints the current playback interface in the Music application in the primary color of the single cover. The colors of playback controls, metadata, background, etc. are also changed.

The best quality of this program is thatuser interface elements look very good together, even when colored. In addition to the Music application, this tweak supports the application and works on a locked screen.

  • Cost: $ 1.99

Acapella iii

Acapella III Adds Music to the AppAn interesting concept, eliminating the latter from the playback control buttons. Instead, control is done using gestures. Tweak offers a number of gestures that you can use to start and stop playback, switch to the previous or next song, play in random order or loop the song, adjust the volume, add a song to your favorites, and many other things.

Tweak comes out with the Vanish option, which removes everythingplayer control, giving a minimalistic look to the interface of the current playback. Acapella III works with a lock screen, Control Center and the standard Music application.

  • Cost: $ 2.99


If you like the tactile feedback functionconnection, you will surely like this tweak. Harp adds vibration to the iOS Music app. When implementing any type of playback control, you will feel a tactile response. Tweak works with most actions - starting and stopping playback, volume slider, switching to the previous or next song, etc. It is also active in the Control Center.

  • Cost: Is free


There is one feature that I really want to addto the Music app. This is the ability to start the composition from the place where the user stopped when exiting the application. MusicMark is the tweak that made this dream a reality.

The program remembers exactly at what pointplayback has stopped, and the next time it starts, it will start right from that point, without forcing the user to listen to the song from the beginning. This is useful when your iPhone’s desktop suddenly reboots while listening to audio.

  • Cost: Is free

Spin (iOS 10)

Spin greatly changes the look of the music interfaceOn-screen lock compared to the original design. So, he turns the user interface elements into round shapes. For example, the album cover becomes a round dial, and the current playhead revolves around.

  • Cost: $ 0.99

Don’t Stop the Party!

One of the most progressive tweaks,Developed for the Music app. Usually, if your iPhone’s desktop is restarted while listening to music, playback is automatically interrupted, and then you have to start it manually.

Suddenly stop playing your favoriteThe composition can be quite annoying. Tweak solves this problem - the song continues to play even during a reboot. This means that from now on, a random restart of the desktop will not prevent you from listening to your favorite songs.

  • Cost: Is free


Many users love listening to songs,read their text in parallel. Unfortunately, the Music application does not have a built-in function for automatically displaying text. There are a number of third-party applications, but not one of them integrates into Music.

MusiLyric - jailbreak tweak, able to findthe text of the song you are listening to and display it in the Music application. All you need to do to activate this function is click on the single cover in the current playback interface. Tweek will immediately find and display the lyrics.

  • Cost: Is free
  • Repository:


WidPlayer - an interesting music tweak,A floating music widget that can be viewed from any iOS menu. The widget shows the playback controls, metadata, volume slider, and rewind slider. Although this tweak is very useful, its user interface is somewhat unfinished and does not look the best way - the elements look squeezed into a small widget.

  • Cost: Is free
  • Repository:

What music tweaks for iOS 10 do you like most?

This completes the list of our favorite tweaks for the Music app on iOS 10. And which music tweaks do you prefer? Tell us in the comments.

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