Best low-cost cameras of 2021

The authors of the Digital Photography Review talked about the highest quality and cheapest camera models to which it is worth

take a closer look this year.

Please note that the rating was compiled by the journalists of the American edition, taking into account the models sold in their country. Russian realities may differ from the picture presented.

In the presented selection - different modelscameras worth up to $ 500 (35.2 thousand rubles). They are suitable both for those who want to have an additional device at a cheaper price, and for those who just want to purchase an inexpensive compact camera.

1. Canon EOS M200

Editor's Choice

Excellent image quality and smalldimensions are what distinguishes this model. The controls here are convenient and straightforward. The interface is pretty simple too. You will also definitely need the Dual Pixel AF system that comes with the camera. Unfortunately, the device does not have a viewfinder; when shooting in 4K, a crop is noticeable (the frame is reduced by 1.6 times).

2. Canon EOS Rebel T7 (2000D)

Immediately after turning on this DSLR camerayou get the opportunity to take excellent quality pictures. It connects to other devices via Wi-Fi or NFC. At the same time, the focusing system here is outdated, there is no touch screen. In general, this is an entry-level model.

3. Nikon D3500

Another entry-level DSLR.Together with it you get a high-quality 24MP matrix. In general, using the camera is simple. However, the display here is not touch-sensitive, and the autofocus system is also quite ancient. You can connect to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth. When shooting in JPEG format, the picture is bright. In RAW, too, the detail remains at an acceptable level for further processing.

4. Olympus PEN E-PL10

Mirrorless camera.Among competitors it is considered quite good - "average". Provides good quality photos, stabilization when shooting video. Battery life is also above average here. Of the minuses - the inability to charge via a USB cable, rather mediocre autofocus. It may not be so easy to use compared to its counterparts.

5. Sony Alpha a5100

This chamber has one of the best in thisprice point 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor. The autofocus system here is truly impressive, even when shooting movies. It is possible to connect to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. However, it is impossible to shoot in Raw format, there is only one control dial.

6. Sony Alpha a6000

This is a mirrorless hybrid system with fastautofocus, which is considered the best in its class. The camera will allow you to take excellent photos (in JPEG and RAW) and shoot videos in very good quality. But the plastic case, the lack of a touchscreen and the rather average resolution of the viewfinder can be off-putting.