"Best PlayStation 3 Game" Journey Released on iOS

Epic Games has lost another exclusive. After its release on PlayStation 3, Journey reached the Epic Games Store, and now

appeared in the App Store.

What is known

In Journey, gamers will take on the role ofa mysterious creature who travels the sand dunes in search of answers. The project can hardly be called entertainment for everyone, because there are no action scenes or epic battles. Players simply travel alone or with other famous people through the desert, enjoying the music and atmosphere.

Journey's first release took place on April 10, 2012of the year. That same year, the project received VGX awards in the categories "Best PlayStation 3 Game", "Best OST" and "Best Independent Game". From BAFTA, the game won prizes for “Best Sound”, “Game Design” and an award in the “Massively Multiplayer Online Game” category.

Journey is already available on the App Store for $ 6.