Best smart watches 2019

Smart watch — top best

Today we choose the best smartwatches of 2019… As it turns out, this accessory

has become one of the most popular and in demand in the last few years. Therefore, the request to buy the best smart watch has become one of the most relevant today.

Of course, the market has many profitablesuggestions. And you need to understand the difference between smart watches and fitness bracelets, although their functionality is very similar. Today we do not take into account fitness trackers, bracelets. Which is better to choose? Here you have the top 5 best models.

Buy the best smart watch

There are several models that stand out from the rest of the crowd. And each has its pros and cons.

Apple Watch Series 5

Fast, functional, independent and with the best applications

Apple Watch — these are the most popular smart oneswatches of all, and the latest version of the Series 5 (S5) has received one of the most key improvements — always-on display. However, Apple was able to maintain the same 18-hour battery life on the S5.

All other characteristics are practically nothave changed: the S5 version is presented either in the size of 40 mm, or in the 44 mm version. The WatchOS platform is incredibly fast, replacing the dials with a simple touch, and the dials themselves are very cool.

Apple Watch features the following benefits: they are comfortable to wear, basic applications are very fast, give very accurate information. You will also like the functions of health and fitness analysis: the heart rate monitor is extremely accurate, it gives a detailed breakdown of training and the new ECG function will be useful. And, of course, there is provided a motivation system to achieve new fitness goals every day.

Price from 32 990 rubles

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Works with both Android and iOS

Stylish, twice as much battery life compared to the Apple Watch

If you don't want to be tied to the ecosystemApple, but want a real smartwatch that's comfortable to wear, has reliable performance, and a beautiful screen, perhaps the Galaxy Watch Active 2 — your best choice.

Their price is more affordable than the Apple Watch, theyAvailable in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm, it features a more advanced stainless steel version that looks beautiful, works fast, and has great automatic workout tracking. It doesn't have as many apps as the Apple Watch and doesn't have the refined haptics, but those details don't feel as significant.

Price from 19,990 rubles

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Another Best Smartwatch You Can Buyright now — This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch: it comes in two sizes: a smaller 42mm model and a very large and thick 46mm model. It's a familiar design carried over from the Gear, with a rather rugged appearance and a rotating bezel for navigation.

It’s important to know that unlike your smartphones,Samsung watches do not work on Android: they work on Tizen's own platform. Galaxy watch runs smoothly and lasts for two days without recharging.

Price from 19,990 rubles

Garmin vivoactive 4

Great battery life and rugged design

If you need a watch that will exceed yoursAs for battery life and reliability, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 will definitely suit you. They do not have the full color screen that you will find on other smart watches. Instead, they are equipped with a transparent, transflective screen that does not have glare, but is a key element for multi-day battery life on the Vivoactive 4. Garmin says that this watch will run up to 8 full days in smartwatch mode, compared to one or two days on a traditional smart watch.
In addition, there are physical buttons, which will be more comfortable for many to control.

The most noticeable update in the Vivoactive — This is the presence of two different sizes, smaller and larger, making it easier to choose the right size for different wrists.

Price from 27,990 rubles

Fossil gen 5

Fossil Gen 5 — the best smartwatches on the Android Wear OS platform from Google. lia in 2020.

You get on board the Google Assistant, whichstill the fastest and most knowledgeable voice assistant. You also get a very stylish smartwatch and get the full range of heart rate monitoring, fitness and health tracking features you expect from a smartwatch. And their price is much lower than the Apple Watch.