Best smartphones with 64 megapixel cameras

The megapixel race, although it does not cause the previous hype, is still far from over. Every manufacturer

wants to stand out with something, and if, all things being equal,If some digital number is larger, then this is considered an advantage, and may be a factor in the selection. There are not many models with cameras capable of shooting in 64 MP resolution, the advantage in such sensors is more information that the camera pulls out of the scene. Of course, by default, cameras are configured to work in the mode of combining neighboring pixels, thereby increasing the size of the pixel and capturing more light, they get more detail and sharper frames. So, the best camera phones for 2020.

Redmi note 8 pro

This model came out six months ago and is the mostaffordable smartphone equipped with a main camera with a 64 megapixel sensor. For 17 thousand rubles you get a real top for little money. You can even get a discount of another 2 thousand rubles. And yet, this smartphone supports contactless payment technology.

The device can shoot on a wide-angle lens. The rest of the device corresponds to its class of mid-budget smartphones. There is a fingerprint sensor on the rear panel, a capacious battery and a high-quality large display with narrow frames. Moreover, the entire body is covered with protective glass.

Samsung Galaxy A71

This is an updated A70, released a year ago. The smartphone has improved design, and he received an updated set of cameras. The display on the smartphone is almost tablet-sized - 6.7 inches, the frames are narrow, and the front camera is embedded in the screen. The camera unit here is also of four modules, the main sensor is 64 megapixels, there is a wide-angle optics. Moreover, the wide-angle module received stabilization, which makes it look like an action camera.

The battery here is capacious - 4500 mAh, there is support for high-speed charging with a power of 25 watts, making up for 100 percent in 60 minutes.

Galaxy S20

Another representative of the Korean manufacturer,received the main sensor at 64 megapixels. Moreover, the older version of the device generally flaunts a sensor with 108 megapixels. In the basic version, a triple block of cameras, there is a triple zoom, and a hybrid super zoom produces a 30x zoom. The smartphone is capable of shooting in 8K resolution, but a tripod is desirable for this.

Display here 6.2 inches, 4000 mAh battery, but there is a quick charge, replenishing energy in just half an hour. The device holds a charge for a long time, there is support for eSIM, protection according to the IP68 standard. SAMOLED display matrix. Operating at a frequency of 120 hertz.