Best state employees: Redmi Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy M20

The power of smartphones is increasing every year, and mobile camera technology is also improving. What

quite recently was the lot of flagships, nowhas become the norm for the mid-segment up to $250. Actually, this is why the popularity of this category is growing rapidly. The features are like top-end ones, but the compromises are very minor. In comparison, two representatives of this class, released at the beginning of this year: Note 7 from the Redmi brand and Galaxy M20 from Samsung. Which one should you choose for everyday use?

What do they look like

Note 7 got a pretty nice look,The glass back panel looks especially beautiful. Due to this, the device looks more expensive than it is, and in this respect bypasses its competitors. Galaxy M20 received a concise design, the appearance of anything unremarkable, except a glossy finish that quickly collects prints. The color scheme establishes the superiority of the Chinese smartphone. There are both black classics and gradients: red with blue. The Korean has only black classics and dark blue.

In Note 7, both panels are flat, with ergonomicseverything is not so simple, for a small palm it will be inconvenient. It is more convenient to use with a case, but then nothing remains of the design. The Galaxy M20 is more ergonomic, more convenient to use, the plastic behind it does not slip, and it is slightly curved. If you are one of those who do not want too much attention to your smartphone, then your choice is Korean.

Screen and Multimedia

The main screen specifications for both smartphonesalmost the same: 6.3 ”diagonal, and the resolution is 2340x1080. In the Korean version, the default calibration is more pleasant, but a little saturation is off scale. Also, the automatic brightness adjustment works faster and more accurately. The Chinese picture is more faded, a little less contrast, but there are flexible temperature settings, you can also cope with the contrast. The Korean does not do anything with his hands, only the factory settings. Note 7, if you spend time, you can pull up on the parameters of the image to the M20

As for sound, both devices showed comparable quality. The level is such that it is better to listen to music in headphones. The connection is excellent, everything is perfectly audible, the speakers work out well.


The Korean M20 got an average processor whichOn hurray, copes with everyday tasks, the interface works quickly and smoothly. With games it is more difficult, there are discrepancies with the competitor. Arcade and unpretentious games are the same, but in the resource-intensive shooters there is a gap. Where Note 7 can afford the maximum settings with 30 frames per second, the M20 on average delivers 25 fps. In general, if you like to sometimes drive modern games, your choice is a Chinese smartphone.


If in games M20 is inferior to a competitor, then inautonomy is confidently leading. The 5000 mAh battery is still significantly better than the 4000 mAh battery (the plastic case is light, it allows you to increase the battery). Korean standard charge holds up to two days. Moreover, it is without various optimizations - right out of the box. Note 7 holds up to one and a half days, and still have to adjust energy efficiency.


The important point, and always quite controversial. Note 7 flaunts the main module with a 48 megapixel sensor, if it is removed without using filters and enhancements. There is also the option to expand the pixel, which in theory gives a greater light capture. In reality, the results are unstable. In general, the pictures are excellent for this class. M20 on the overall quality showed comparable results, but this day, with insufficient lighting (night), the quality significantly subsides. The second modules on both smartphones are practically useless. The Chinese software promises to update in the summer, including bringing up new features for the camera.

Additional features

Korean has an NFC module that givesadvantage for fans of contactless payments. The Chinese traditionally ignore the feature, in any case, in the budget segment, since in the Middle Kingdom, payments by smartphone are made using a QR code. But the Chinese have an infrared port, you can use your smartphone as a universal remote control.

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