Best Swipe Keyboards for iPhone and iPad

Keyboards with swipe support are very convenient, useful and allow you to type much faster. Instead of,

To touch each key, you can simply drag your finger to type words. These keyboards are perfect for those who have not learned to type using two thumbs.

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If you want to download a swipe keyboard for yourself, you are lucky, because below we have collected the best of them.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best swipe keyboards for iPhone and iPad. Over time, the application learns from you and recommends you the words and phrases that you use most often.

The best functions SwiftKey Keyboard:

  • Change the style, layout and theme of your keyboard.
  • Use two languages ​​at once from 150 offered.
  • Send gifs, stickers and emoji.

SwiftKey Keyboard contains many free themes, some of them animated, but all allow you to quickly and conveniently type the text with the swipe.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.

Gboard - Google Keyboard

With a gboard keyboard, not only can you quicklyenter the text with the swipe, but use Google Search directly through the keyboard. You can quickly and conveniently find out information about the weather, sports scores, news, etc.

The best functions Gboard:

  • Easily share stickers, gifs and emoji.
  • Use a variety of languages ​​from a huge directory.
  • Use customization options, incl. and topics.

Gboard is a great swipe keyboard for iPhone and iPad, especially if you use Google Search a lot.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Price: Is free


FancyKey allows you to type text with a swipe or the usual keystrokes. The application has many different themes, autocorrection, recommendations and one-handed dialing support for the iPhone.

The best functions FancyKey:

  • Choose from 100 unique fonts.
  • Add emoji and stickers to the text.
  • Choose from over 50 different topics.

FancyKey is a handy keyboard with extra features like fonts, emoji and themes. If you appreciate the presence of a large number of functions, choose this keyboard.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Price: Is free + built-in purchases.

If you haven’t previously used a swipe keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, then these three will be a good start for you. Try to download everything, and then decide which one you like best.