Beta iOS 13 revealed the date of the announcement of new iPhone

As September approaches, more and more rumors appear on the network about new Apple smartphones. And here is the beta

iOS 13 may have revealed the date of the presentation of new products.


So, a hint was found in the screenshot in iOS 13 Beta 7 undercalled HoldForRelease ("hold until release"). On the image - calendar and date September 10, Tuesday. And it really will be Tuesday - Apple's favorite day of autumn presentations.

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The number is also likely. Two consecutive years, the presentation took place on September 12, in 2016 the iPhone 7 debuted on September 7.

By the way, journalists also spoke about September 10: they call this date the most suitable for the presentation of the new iPhone. Now it remains only to wait for official confirmation.

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According to the latest rumors, the new line will have threemodels: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. They are credited with more capacious batteries, a triple main camera in older models and a dual in the successor iPhone XR. The front cameras should be 10-megapixel, and the main sensors of the main cameras should be 14 megapixels. New models are due out in September.

The successor to the iPhone XS Max is expected to start at $ 1,099 and the iPhone XS at $ 999. The new dual-camera, which will replace the iPhone XR, will cost $ 749.