Bethesda buys Alpha Dog mobile game development studio

Bethesda Softworks expanded its holdings by purchasing Alpha Dog Games.

What is known

Team Portfolio

consists of mobile games. MonstroCity: Rampage !, Wraithborne and the shareware remake of the game with Atari 7800 called Ninja Golf came out of the walls of Alpha Dog Games. Moreover, the merger took place clearly not because of the “black bar” in Alpha Dog Games. According to, then MonstroCity: Rampage managed to break into the top 100 games in 103 countries of the world.

According to Todhes Vaughn, Bethesda senior vice president of development, the company was impressed by Alpha Dog Games' approach to mobile game development:

“We were impressed with the Alpha Dog team and its commitment to quality and depth of experience in the field of mobile devices. We are pleased that they have joined the Bethesda family. ”

What the new studio will do is not yet clearbut Bethesda is not new to mobile gaming. The company broke into the portable entertainment market with Fallout Shelter, which you can now play even on Tesla. Also on Android and iOS, The Elder Scrolls: Blades and The Elder Scrolls: Legends showed themselves well, and soon Commander Keen will appear on the mobile phones. Perhaps Alpha Dog Games will be sent to look after existing games or the studio will be asked to make a new hit for Bethesda.