Bethesda fell short of expectations and Fallout 76 will remain “uninhabited” until 2020

Bethesda also said at E3 2019 that she would add people to the Fallout 76 wasteland. I didn't like the idea of ​​a role-playing game without an NPC

gamers and developers decided to fix the situation by adding characters.

Development went wrong

Bethesda planned to release an updateWastelanders in the fall of 2019, but gamers will have to wait longer. On the blog, the developers informed the players that the release date is being postponed to the first quarter already in 2020. According to Bethesda, “this is one of the biggest updates” that they did, and the team needs more time.

Bethesda is ready to release the service at the same create private servers in Fallout 76. One of the most requested innovations will start next week. In addition, the developers plan to add the ability to "modify their worlds", so that does not mean.

Bethesda does not plan until late 2019release major updates, but gamers will receive patches that fix game bugs. In addition, developers are working on new events, the "Legendary Player" system and public test servers.