Bethesda pulled TES: Blades from the bottom: the developers changed the economy, balance and added “Arena”

The Elder Scrolls: Blades turned out to be good by the standards of mobile games, but gamers quickly abandoned the game due to lack of

content and timers on chests. Bethesda decided to correct the situation and released a large-scale update with a new mode and economy.

What changed

The developers have finally removed the timers for openingchests. Now players will no longer have to wait three hours to get loot, and then wait the same amount to open a new box. In addition, now gamers will receive more things. Firstly, the levels now have more destructible objects with loot inside. Secondly, at the end of each level there will be a boss waiting, who will drop a legendary weapon or equipment upon death.

Bethesda also decided to meet the players halfway,returning the crystals that they spent on expanding the chest storage. In addition, powerful enemies will appear in secret rooms, guarding silver, gold and ancient chests.

Finally there is a PvP arena thatopens at level five. Players will be asked to test their strength in a fight consisting of two rounds. To increase your chances of winning, you can use a potion or poison before the battle. The reward for victory is experience, gold and chests. In addition, Bethesda introduced a rating system.

Guilds have also appeared in TES: Blades.Players can now join or organize factions of up to 20 members. Group members can share materials among themselves, as well as visit each other's cities and buy items from local sellers.

Bethesda has also tweaked the balance by reducing the damage of some spells, equalizing skill cooldowns, and changing enemy stats. Read more about the update in the official patch note.

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