Bethesda released the iconic Doom 1 and Doom 2 on Android and iOS, and screwed up again

If 25 years ago Doom was launched only on powerful computers, then modern technologies allowed Bethesda

release a game for smartphones.

What is known

According to the description, players are waiting for classicDoom 1 and Doom 2 versions with pixel graphics, big cannons and crowds of demons. The changes affected the management, which was adapted for smartphones, as well as a set of levels. So, in Doom 1, the developers added nine new maps, and Doom 2 received as many as 20 additional locations.

Yet the fans found a couple of minuses in the new edition. Firstly, gamers complain about “mobile control”, as well as a small list of supported controllers that do not include gamepads from Chinese brands. Secondly, Bethesda did not make the picture in full screen, and thematic image fills the void. As a result, versions for Android and iOS received low user ratings.

Download Doom 1 on Android and iOS
Download Doom 2 on Android and iOS