Bethesda will release Doom 64 on PC and PS4, after 22 years of exclusivity for Nintendo 64

Bethesda has released the first three Doom installments on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it will soon introduce gamers to more

one classic part of the series.

What is known

Doom 64, which was released on Nintendo 64 in the distant future1997, and remained a Big N exclusive. The game became a direct continuation of Doom 2, so some gamers never got acquainted with the full history of the game’s universe. However, this misunderstanding will soon be corrected by Bethesda itself.

Gematsu journalists noticed that Doom 64 appeared in the database of the PEGI rating commission, which assigns age restrictions to games.

“The demons have returned, stronger and more ferocious than before. As the only experienced survivor of a Doom episode, your mission resumes,” the description reads.

The description says that the game will be released onPlayStation 4 and PC, but this does not mean that gamers from other platforms will be left without Doom 64. Gematsu notes that the same platforms were indicated for DOOM and DOOM 2, but in the end the games were visited by both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. There is no release date, but judging by other games, after registering on PEGI, the announcement and subsequent release do not have to wait long.

Doom 64 didn't go beyond the Nintendo 64, but it squeezed all the juice out of the Big N console, running at 320x240 resolution and, unlike other versions, running at 30 frames per second.