Better not to drop: the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S10 failed the drop test

SquareTrade insurance company specialists got all three flagship models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 line and conducted

for them, the traditional drop test (when the device is dropped from a different height on a hard surface). The results of such a test are disappointing.

Didn't survive

All three smartphones (Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e)suffered serious damage after falling onto concrete from a height of human growth - 1.8 m. On both sides the flagship cases are covered with protective glass, but you can't call it reliable “armor”: as a result of a fall, cracks appeared on the glass, the screen crashed, and at the ends and The corners were chipped.

At the younger version, the display stopped working, the flash and glass broke above the main camera. “Elder brothers”, despite the cracks, continued to work.

In fairness, such falls could not standand the previous generation Galaxy S, and the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max. Therefore, having given all your savings for a new gadget, be careful and take care of it.

Further SquareTrade employees intend to test the folding strength of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.