Bill Gates spoke about the likely development of a pandemic in the near future

Microsoft founder Bill Gates talked about the likely development of a pandemic in the near future. He thinks that

The situation with COVID-19 will leave an imprint on business and people.

The entrepreneur shared his opinion on his blog. Gates thinks that the next two months will be a new phase of the pandemic in developed countries. People may be allowed to go out, but they will not be able to visit public places. The business will open gradually. As, for example, in China in the case of the Microsoft factory. Now only half of the employees go to work. Those who want are left at home. At the same time, precautions are taken at the enterprise.

Gates discusses what to allow firstIt is difficult to work for the sectors that are most profitable for the economy and are not associated with a high risk of infection. The fact is that the modern economy is characterized by a large number of interconnections.

Gates also believes that entertaining andsporting events will not be available to people for a long time. If in the spring of 2021 it will be possible to attend a concert or a sports game, it is only thanks to the “wonderful medicine”.