Bing by Microsoft powered by ChatGPT is open to everyone starting today

Yesterday, February 7, Microsoft held an event that was dedicated to artificial intelligence and its integration into

company products.Of course, the most anticipated new feature was the updated Bing with built-in ChatGPT, and it is already available to all users in the form of a “limited preview”. That is, you will have a limited number of requests that you can use, but you can sign up for the list for early access to the full version.

If you switch to Bing, then you will have access to examples of search methods using artificial intelligence, which you can now try (provided, of course, that you are shown an updated design). Clicking on one of these recommendations will take you to a standard search page with traditional results on the left, but with a chat box on the right with a response generated by artificial intelligence. Until access is granted, you will not be able to ask further questions or refine the results. If you try to search for something on your own, you will get the standard Bing results, despite the fact that it will be in the new style.

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If you want to access the full versionupdated Bing, then you can register for the waiting list. Microsoft says you'll get a higher priority if you sign in with your Microsoft account and install the Bing app. According to the answers to common questions, you will receive an email when access is granted to you. Now the company plans to provide access to millions of users and deploy a mobile version.