The BioShock creator's new game is still in development and Take-Two has revealed more details

After the difficult development of BioShock Infinite, series creator Ken Levine decided to assemble a new team for his

another game. After the announcement in 2015, the project disappeared from the information field, but is still alive and developing.

What is known

Take-Two Interactive's job site postedan announcement about the search for a scripter at Ghost Story Games, a subsidiary studio managed by Levin. The future employee will have to work with the cinematic part of the game, creating cut scenes.

The job description also included newdetails about the project. It looks like gamers will be in for a story-driven immersive sim on Unreal Engine 4. Back in 2015, Levin said that he was working on a role-playing game with a first-person view and “kind of an open world.” The developer clarified that actions can take place within the premises. Perhaps gamers will find an open world in the style of Control, where all the action takes place in a building.

Other details, like release dateand the name of the new project, Ghost Story Games is keeping secret. At the same time, the game has been in production for the fifth year, so the official announcement could take place in the near future.