BioShock developers present their new game City of Brass to PC owners

Epic Games Store lived for another two weeks, which means that gamers can pick up another game for free.

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This time, the "epic" give gamers City of Brass,first-person action adventure game from BioShock developers. The team of creators listed Ed Orman, who was the designer of Fallout: Tactics and BioShock 2007 release.

In the City of Brass gamers will play fora treasure hunter who snuck into an abandoned city in search of gold and jewels. Unfortunately for the adventurer, on the streets he will meet not only chests with loot, but also skeletons, which can hit with a bone and launch a fireball. After the character's death, the city will change, so that each new race will become unique.

You can pick up the City of Brass on the Epic Games Store page until June 6, and the next free game will be Kingdom New Lands.