Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded 60 thousand dollars for the first time

For the first time in history, the bitcoin rate exceeded $ 60 thousand. Experts note that the trend is associated with

the adoption of the law on assistance to the US economy. According to Coindesk, the maximum value of the cryptocurrency was $ 60,323, but at the time of writing, Bitcoin was worth $ 59,921.

Bitcoin has been growing rapidly since March 2020,when its course was 5 thousand dollars. The growth was initially spurred by online payment giant PayPal, which said it would allow account holders to use the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin skyrocketed to $ 55,000 in February 2021, but then plunged back to $ 41,000 before resuming growth.

Source: Google Pay and Samsung Pay to Introduce Cryptocurrency Payments

At the beginning of the year, bitcoin rose to 50 thousand.dollars, its growth since 2020 amounted to more than 300%. However, the researchers believe that profit-taking among long-term investors can lead to lower prices. “The robust rise in bitcoin prices has made digital currency the best asset of 2020,” they wrote to Forbes.

Bitcoin has already beat several of its own in 2020records - for example, at the beginning of October it cost about 11 thousand dollars. Analysts suggest that some investors see cryptocurrency as a "safe investment in times of uncertainty." However, other experts note that this asset remains volatile.

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