Black Desert Mobile, a fantasy MMO with an open world and excellent graphics, has been released on Android and iOS

Black Desert has already captured the hearts of gamers on personal computers and consoles, and now I decided to give it a try

strength on mobile platforms.

What is known

Black Desert Mobile is a mobile offshootKorean MMO. The game migrated to Android from iOS, retaining its features, but on a smaller scale. Players will notice the first advantages of Black Desert Mobile already on the character selection screen. Firstly, the developers have left a detailed hero editor that will allow you to customize your appearance in detail. Secondly, the game boasts excellent graphics, just like for mobile platforms.

At the same time, gamers may be put off by tetheringcharacter class to gender. For example, if you want to run around with a bow, you will have to play as a girl, and only a stooped man can become a ferocious barbarian. Compared to other MMOs, the game also stands out due to its dynamic combat system without the usual “target acquisition”, as in WoW.






Otherwise, players will find the usualmultiplayer online game in an open world with quests, grinding and other activities. For example, in between battles you can collect herbs, fish, and even manage your own camp.

The developers promise to increase the numberactivities and even published a roadmap. For example, at the beginning of 2020 there will be a new class, a world boss and two locations. In the second quarter they even promise to launch more PvP activities.

Black Desert Mobile is already available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

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