Black Friday 2019: how and where to get 100% discount when buying

Every year on the last Friday of November, millions of shoppers ask the question “Where to get the best

discounts?", "How not to miss the opportunity to make a bargain?", "What interesting things can you buy on Black Friday at a discount?" Stores (and not only them - everyone who is not too lazy is trying to take advantage of the situation around the hype - from gas stations of companies selling apartments in new buildings to beauty salons and wedding photographers) are competing to see who can indicate the larger point size in discount advertising. Where can you choose the best offers today and have time to beat your competitors - the same buyers scouring for discounts?

In practice, all this hype is not worth iteggs - discounts on electronics above 5-10% simply do not exist in our country. Yes, even on Black Friday. Moreover, stores often inflate prices on the eve of Black Friday in order to show a larger discount. It’s a paradox, but the final price may be even higher than before Black Friday. This is due to the artificially created euphoria of sales and demand deferred for a couple of weeks before the event (there is little point in buying something on the eve of Black Friday - buyers hope to get a discount on the selected product, but if there is no discount, they will buy it anyway).

I don’t want to upset those who were attracted by the headline, but such is life: “100% discounts do not exist.” No, even like this, for clarity:

“100% discounts do not exist”

The reason for the "bad" and "wrong" black Fridayin our country is that they are trying to use it as a cargo cult, having no prerequisites as in its homeland in the USA. There, retail trade frees shelves from illiquid goods for liquid goods, by the season of Christmas sales - when millions of people buy millions of gifts at their full cost. The shelf space for retail has its own specific price, so it’s easier to sell everything in bulk, leaving the shelves empty, albeit at a loss to yourself. In order to catch up in the season. When discounts are announced not by commodity companies, but by service companies making money on services, this also looks like a cargo cult, and also an attempt to somehow join a fashionable and popular topic.

Therefore, in the fight for the buyer, retailbegins a senseless competition "draw a bigger discount" even where this discount does not smell. Such a race will end with really drawing discounts of 100 percent or more (if lawyers approve, of course, but small print and footnotes with asterisks always come to their aid). Nobody really bothers to write a discount of 101% and add in small print that we are talking only about a discount on a film for the screen and only when buying an iPhone 11. In fact, we have been observing this same story for several years now: the maximum discount is given for which some cheap stuff that nobody needs, and the shops are fully confident that this gives them the moral right to draw what a suitable discount size is - if only this would lead them to buyers. And the buyers really come, but the sales boom is not provided by real sales, but by the demand postponed in the previous couple of weeks.

But there is also good news.Firstly, there are still interesting discounts on Black Friday. Secondly, discounts happen not only on this unfortunate day. Thirdly, you have not yet seen discounts after the New Year, when managers, in the midst of a seasonal decline in sales, are trying to scatter stale stocks of goods that were unsold during the Christmas holidays.

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