“Black Friday” launched on PlayStation Store - sale with discounts up to 90%

Sony also decided to join Black Friday by launching a theme sale on the PlayStation Store.

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Of the new products in the store you can take The OuterWorlds at a 25% discount. The project was released only on October 25, so you still have the opportunity to complete the game without spoilers. In The Outer Worlds, players will enjoy an exciting space adventure with interesting characters, battles and a well-developed role-playing system.

PlayStation Store also offers to buyBorderlands 3 at a 40% discount. Note that the game became temporarily free this weekend, so before you buy, you can check whether the game is like it or not. Critics controversially evaluated the project, but Borderlands 3 turned out to be a good game. Nevertheless, the developers did not introduce enough innovations to continue so that the project could be called a masterpiece.

Electronic Arts also did not miss the sale,exhibiting their new games at a discount. For example, in the PlayStation Store you can pick up Need for Speed: Heat for 30% cheaper. In addition, with a discount of 59%, the store gives the basic version of Battlefield 5.

If you don’t like the WWII setting, then you can shoot from more modern weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. By "Black Friday" Activision cut the price of the game by 20%.

Also do not skip:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 - 1049 UAH (-63%)
  • Spider-Man - 649 UAH (-40%)
  • Metro Exodus - 649 UAH (-67%)
  • Resident Evil 2 - 649 UAH (-63%)
  • Days Gone - 1 199 UAH (-42%)
  • PUBG - 474 UAH (-50%)
  • Rainbow Six Siege - 179 UAH (-70%)

"Black Friday" in the PlayStation Store will last until December 3, 2019.

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