Blizzard Designs Hearthstone VR With Tipping Table And Walking Through A Tavern

Hearthstone does not let players out of the card table, where the battles take place. Still, gamers are unlikely

they would refuse to stroll through the tavern into virtual reality, and Blizzard developers understand this.

What is known

In an interview for PowerUp lead artist forHearthstone effects Khadija Chamberlain spoke about the internal project of Blizzard. As part of the corporate hackathon Free Your Mind, a kind of competition for game development, two employees of the company decided to transfer Hearthstone to VR.

According to Chamberlain, the prototype is already giving playerstake a walk around the tavern, as well as sit at the card table in anticipation of an opponent. However, gamers can throw cards on the table or turn it over in case of awareness of the impending defeat.

Narrative designer Dave Kosak noted thatBlizzard did not talk about the VR version of Hearthstone, as gamers would like to see it. At the same time, it is not known whether this project will come out of the prototype stage, becoming a full complement. Kosak noted that the idea, although it looks “cool,” but gamers would rather prefer to play on a PC or tablet.

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