Blizzard ends active support for StarCraft 2, and makes plans for the development of the series

The era continues to pack its bags: Blizzard has announced that it will end its active support for StarCraft 2.

What will happen
with StarCraft 2

October won't be remembered for death by StarCraft 2 fansgames. The project will continue to live, but Blizzard will no longer release paid add-ons. The game will continue to be supported by balancing patches and season updates.

Esports tournaments will also continueexist since Blizzard recently turned over competition management to ESL and DreamHack. Yet the company will continue to maintain the tournament prize pool for about three more years.

According to Vice President Rob Brydenbecker,StarCraft remains one of the main Blizzard franchises, so the company does not plan to throw the universe into the closet. Brydenbecker noted that by abandoning active support, the development team will have the strength to develop StarCraft as a whole.

“We understand that some players were interested inelements that will not be featured in the game, but there is some good news: the changes will allow us to plan for the future not only for StarCraft II, but for the StarCraft universe as a whole, ”writes Bryndenbecker.

Source: Blizzard

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