Blizzard scared: Torchlight Frontiers from the creator of Diablo will not be released in 2019

It looks like next year fans of "diabloids" will have something to do before the release of Diablo 4. Grinding Gear is at the entrance

announced Path of Exile 2, and now Echtra Games is pushing the release of Torchlight Frontiers to 2020.

What is known

Journalist at the Path of Exile fan conventionPC Gamer met with the creator of the original Diablo 1 and 2, Max Schaefer. He now runs Echtra Games, where he develops Torchlight Frontiers. Schaefer said that the developers decided to change the project because the team needed more time.

“We haven’t announced it [the release postponement] yet, but,probably should have. But we cannot say anything specific. We are currently making some changes to the game that are difficult to decide on. "We don't have any concrete information yet... We're just waiting for the right time to release the next big newsletter about what's going on with the game," Schafer said.

Torchlight Frontiers was originally plannedwill be released at the end of 2019, but apparently we won’t be able to play until 2020. The developers announced the game back in August, saying that gamers will have an open world with generated dungeons through which real players will run. Yes, it sounds like Diablo 4, and perhaps that's why Echtra Games decided to delay the release in order to finalize the project.

Blizzard decided to return to its roots by making a new“Diablo” is dark and cruel, but turning towards service games and MMOs. Diablo 4 will feature an open world with live players, public events, hub cities, and generated dungeons. So far, on paper, Torchlight Frontiers only stands out for its bright and cartoonish visual style.

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