Blizzard has announced a new hero Overwatch: they will be the evil genius Sigma

Blizzard Studios has introduced the thirty-first hero of the team shooter Overwatch. As expected, it turned out to be a dick

villainous group "Claw" astrophysicist Sigma.

Who is he

Based on the character's published backstory,it becomes clear that Sigma is a mad scientist whose consciousness was split after a failed experiment. One of his personalities is unsuccessfully trying to understand what he is now, and the second is trying to destroy everything around him - somewhat reminiscent of some Marvel villains. We strongly recommend that you watch the video yourself and evaluate the performance of the voice actor Igor Taradaikin.

Release date of the character and his role on the battlefield so farIt is not known exactly, but most likely it will be a “tank”. Judging by the video, Sigma relies on skills related to gravity. Blizzard will reveal more about it in the near future.