Blizzard: Hearthstone will receive the storyline DLC "Tombs of Terror" and heroes with a double class

Blizzard has announced a new story add-on for Hearthstone, which will add "double classes" to the game.

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Tombs of Terror - DLC single player campaign"The Savior of Uldum." The adventure will be fully voiced and will introduce the League of Explorers. These adventurous archaeologists came to the ruins of Uldum to destroy the four Lords of the Plague.

Along with the new story, four peeks into the gamecharacters with double classes that can combine cards from different decks. Night Elf Librarian Eliza Starceek combines the priest and druid classes, and the dinosaur tamer Brann Bronzebeard combines hunter and warrior. Mage Finley Mrrglton combines a paladin and a shaman, and Renault Jackson is a mage and a robber in one person.

Going through each chapter of the "Tomb of Terror", the playerwill receive three packs of Savior of Uldum cards. Having completed the adventure on normal or heroic difficulty, gamers will receive a collection of cards with unique “shirts”.

The “Tomb of Horror" will be released on September 17, and pre-orderalready available on the game website for 418 hryvnia. The first two chapters of the adventure will open on September 17, the third chapter on September 24, and the final will be available on October 1.