Blizzard repaired Diablo 4: new indicators of strength, more bonuses and the removal of "legendaries"

Blizzard promised to listen to the players and refine Diablo 4 based on reviews. Main system

Studio designer David Kim ran into the pages of the Diablo blog to talk about innovations.

Affixes in Diablo 4

Blizzard decided not to copy the equipment systemfrom previous games in the series, adding one innovation. Firstly, the total number of affixes (bonuses) on items has increased. Secondly, developers introduce three new indicators:

  • “Angelic Power” - increases the duration of beneficial effects, such as healing
  • "Demonic power" - increases the duration of negative effects, such as damage from bleeding.
  • "Ancient power" - increases the chance of activating the effect.

They will occur in the form of affixes on equipment, for example, giving +15 to "Angelic Strength", and also unlock skills on the armor.

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For example, a player found shoes that give + 25%to cold resistance, but the effect is activated only if the character scored 40 units of "Angelic Strength". Moreover, on one part of the equipment there can be several effects that are included only with a sufficient amount of force. It is worth noting that not all armor bonuses will depend on this indicator.

According to Blizzard, this will give more variety in building "builds" for each character.

"Legendary forces will no longer be fullyreduce the power of your affixes, and the affixes themselves will give more variety, because their strength depends on how many relevant indicators you have accumulated on the rest of your equipment, ”Kim writes.

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Attack and defense

Blizzard also decided to get rid of someconventions. Now attack indicators will be tied only to weapons, and defense indicators to armor. So now in the game there will be no amulets and rings that give bonuses to damage or defense. So the developers decided to distribute the character’s strength among various sources, including skill ranks, level, talent tree and items.

Ancient legendary items

Blizzard decided to remove the ancient legendary objects, as in the current form they interfere. Instead, developers will focus on making Rare (yellow) more useful.

Diablo 4 will also feature consumables. Blizzard has not yet come up with a name for them, but they will drop out with a random affix that can be applied to any item. Unknown material is obtained by killing monsters in the "endgame."

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