Blizzard: World of Warcraft will receive the Visions of N'Zoth update with new races and activities

Without waiting for BlizzCon 2019, World of Warcraft developers shared the first details about the upcoming update.


Update 8.3 in Blizzard called “Visions of N’Zoth”, as players will have to fight with the Ancient God N’Zoth. The villain began to wreak havoc across Azeroth back in the last update, and now he will reach Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Thus, the forces of the Black Empire of N’zoth will attack these locations. Because of this, temporary adventures and dynamic tasks will begin to appear in the zone that will help repel the attack.

The second activity will be "Terrible Visions" -single and group dungeons in which N’Zoth will impose negative effects on players. A cloak will help protect you, which adventurers can upgrade by spending resources received in races. At the last stage of the update, a large-scale raid will appear in the game in the Waking City of Ny'alotha with 12 bosses, including N'Zoth himself.

World of Warcraft will also have two alliedraces that players can become friends with by raising their reputation and completing faction quests. Vulpera fox cubs will join the Horde side, while mechagnomes will help the Alliance.





The update should already appear in testingservers, and the release date in the main client is still unknown. In addition to new factions and activities, Blizzard will update the equipment upgrade system, finalize the auction and the Heart of Azeroth.