BlizzConline results for those who slept: Blizzard resurrected Diablo 2, and presented new DLC for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone

Under cover of the night, Blizzard hosted BlizzConline, an online event featuring major announcements for the company's franchises.

If you decide to spend the night in the company of blankets and pillows, and not Jay Allen Brack, then here are the main announcements.

Diablo II: Resurrected

Diablo II: Resurrected - Revealed.It looks like this time Blizzard will delight fans, and not as it was with Warcraft 3 Refund ..., that is, Reforged. Players will receive a full-fledged remaster with new 3D graphics, which is closer in style to Diablo 4. Artists redrawn characters, environments and effects, which makes Diablo II: Resurrected look not like a re-release of an old game, but as a modern project.

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The gameplay was not touched.Gamers will get a complete recreation of the classic Diablo II and its expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Resurrected only updated the interface, expanded the storage to 10 × 10 (was 6 × 8), and also added support for cross-platform saves.

Diablo II: Resurrected will be out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021. On the official website, you can apply to participate in the closed alpha. m

Diablo 4

Blizzard did not forget to provide new details aboutDiablo 4. As part of the opening ceremony, players were shown a new class - the Rogue. The character uses long-range weapons such as bows or crossbows, as well as blades. According to the developers, the creation of the character was inspired by Rogue from the first Diablo.

Hearthstone "Forged by the Barrens"

BlizzConline announced for Hearthstonenew addition - "Forged by the Barrens". Players will be sent on a journey across dangerous lands in which they will face robbers, flying harpies and other dangers.

With the update, the developers will introduce a new property:"Rabies". Creatures with this property activate a powerful effect the first time they take damage and survive. For example, "Blademaster Samuro" deals damage equal to that creature's attack to all enemy creatures.

With the arrival of "Forged by the Barrens" will appear andimproving spells. All 10 classes will receive a new improving spell, the power of which will increase after receiving 5 and 10 mana crystals in hand and deck.

Schools of magic spells will become anothera permanent part of Hearthstone. Many of the spells that have already been released will be changed to reflect this innovation, which will create new successful combinations and add new types of mechanics to the collection. Spells in standard and free format can now refer to one of seven schools:

  • arcane magic (2 spells from "Forged of the Barrens" in addition to 44 spells from previous sets);
  • fel magic (3 spells from “Forged of the Barrens” in addition to 22 spells from previous sets);
  • fire magic (2 spells from "Forged of the Barrens" in addition to 43 spells from previous sets);
  • ice magic (2 spells from "Forged of the Barrens" in addition to 24 spells from previous sets);
  • magic of light (5 spells from "Forged of the Barrens" in addition to 67 spells from previous sets);
  • magic of nature (6 spells from "Forged of the Barrens" in addition to 112 spells from previous sets);
  • dark magic (4 spells from "Forged of the Barrens" in addition to 109 spells from previous sets).

The expansion will be released this spring, but players can alreadyplace a pre-order. The Barrens Forged Basic Pack includes 60 Barrens Forged cards, two random Barrens Forged legendary cards, and the Hamuul Runetotem card back.

World of Warcraft Chains of Dominance

BlizzConline also announced a new content expansion for Shadowlands, Chains of Dominance.

“With the support of fourThe Covenant, Alliance and Horde defenders attack the Jailer in his domain to save the Dark Lands. But the Exile has a terrible new weapon - a merciless warrior of death, recruited by Sylvanas Windrunner. He will fill the hearts of the heroes of Azeroth with a horror that they have not yet seen in the Dark Lands, ”- says the add-on storyline.

During the course of the adventure, players will return to the Maw to replenish the powers of the Kyrians, Night Folk, Necrolords, and Venta. The main goal is to free the Dark Lands from the influence of the Jailer.

A part of the disappeared kingdom will appear in the Womb -Corti. By exploring new locations, players will be able to earn new rewards. These include a ghostly steed and a severed hand. Those wishing to conquer the skies above the realms of the Dark Lands will be able to unlock the ability to fly by completing Covenant missions and completing campaign chapters.

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It will not do without new raids and dungeons.Sanctuary of Dominance is a new 10-player raid deep in the tangled corridors of Torgast. Players will have to fight back Tarragra, fight Kel'Thuzad and face the banshee queen herself.

The new mega-dungeon will be the Secret MarketTazavesh ". Players will face a formidable challenge, available only in Mythic difficulty, in which they will face eight bosses. For the passage, participants will receive weapons, pets and a new vehicle.

In addition, the Burning Crusade expansion will be released for the classic World of Warcraft within a year. Still, it is not necessary, and those who wish can continue to play without the add-on on a special server.

If you want to take a look at all the announcements for yourself, here is the full record of the opening BlizzConline event.

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