Bloomberg: American F-35 does not keep pace with Russian and Chinese air defense systems

The Defense Policy Committee of the US House of Representatives has warned that the Lockheed F-35 fighter

Martin Corp. does not keep pace with the improvements of the Chinese and Russian air defense systems. The situation is getting worse against the background of the high cost of the project.

House Armed Services Committeerepresentatives of the US Congress supported the program for the acquisition of F-35 in the amount of $ 398 billion. The amount is reflected in the report, which is attached to one of the versions of the bill on defense policy for the 2022th fiscal year. According to the document, the fighter "can be used against modern integrated air defense systems." But only after it finally gets the key software updates and the promised combat capabilities.

At the same time, the "opponents of the United States" are developing systemsThe air defense is faster than expected and the fighter simply does not keep up, the Congress notes. The House of Representatives commission has already said that "it is unclear whether the F-35 will be able to develop sufficiently to withstand a future threat in war zones."

The open committee did not name specific countries,which cause the concern of opponents. However, Bloomberg notes that today, Pentagon officials call China the main threat, and also note Russia's steps in military development and industry.

Also, congressmen are unhappy with the fact that until now the F-35 has not yet demonstrated its capabilities in modeling against the most complex Russian and Chinese air defense systems.

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