Bloomberg: Apple Card credit card will launch in August

Apple will finally launch its Apple Card. Initially, the service was supposed to earn this spring, but he

was not ready, despite the six months of testing. Now, Bloomberg journalists have learned when the release will take place.

Principle of operation

Apple Card can be received by all owners.iPhone smartphones through the Wallet app. To do this, they will need to upgrade their iOS to version 12.4. The first to test a credit card will be able to residents of the United States, and in the foreseeable future, the list will be replenished by the countries of the European Union and Hong Kong. The release date of the program remains unknown, since for this Apple will have to hold negotiations with local authorities and banks.


Compared to other credit cards, AppleCard has more advanced security systems. It does not have CVC / CVV codes, no commission is charged from it, it does not need to be reissued, and unlocking is performed directly in the Wallet application without having to contact the bank. Also, the Apple Card system can identify suspicious transactions using advanced algorithms.

Start the Apple Card should occur in the first half of August.