Bloomberg: Apple is working on a flexible foldable smartphone

The company has developed a prototype folding screens for internal testing, but has not approved plans for

release. According to a Bloomberg source, the development is currently just a display, not a full-fledged phone.

Now from competitors over similar inventionsare working and are already talking about their plans - Samsung, Motorola, Hauwei. Apple has designed several foldable screen sizes, including one that expands to the same size as the 6.7-inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Modern foldable phones have unfolded screens ranging from 6 to 8 inches.

Apple folding screens that are tested haveinvisible hinges, and the electronics are located behind the display. Other companies have recently released devices with visible hinges separating two separate panels.

Although general changes to current Apple projectswill be minor, the company is still testing a key update for 2021: the in-screen fingerprint scanner. It would add a new method for iPhone unlocking users that goes beyond passcode and Face ID. Apple began ditching fingerprint sensors in 2017 with the launch of the iPhone X, but since then, Touch ID has remained a feature on Mac laptops and cheaper iPhones.

This feature would be handy in an environment whereusers wear masks, which are often incompatible with facial recognition. The in-screen fingerprint scanner, which has been used on Android phones for a few years now, may also be faster than Face ID for some users. Apple will not remove its facial recognition scanner as it is still useful for augmented reality and camera functions.

Apple also discussed removing the charging port forsome iPhones in favor of wireless charging. The company switched to the MagSafe magnetic charging system with the iPhone 12, in addition to removing the charger from the iPhone box last year. It also brings this charging technology back to the MacBook Pro.

For its line of tablets, Apple plansrelease a new iPad Pro that is similar to the current model, but with a MiniLED display and a much faster processor. There is also a thinner and lighter iPad in development, which has the same design as the 2019 iPad Air.

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