Bloomberg: the third wave of coronavirus has begun in Russia

Information about the third wave of coronavirus in Russia follows from unofficial government statistics,

sources familiar with the situation said. It is also noted that the Kremlin is trying not to bother citizens and says that the situation is under control.

Daily increase in the number of infectedcoronavirus has kept below 9,000 cases for the past 10 days. But in Moscow, for six days in a row, more than 2,000 new cases were detected per day. So the average number of infections in the capital for seven days reached its maximum since January. Rates and is growing faster than in the UK, where five times as many people live.

There was also a decrease in demand forvaccination, as Russians have ceased to be afraid of the virus - including because of statements by the Kremlin that the authorities are in control of the situation. Sources attribute this to the Kremlin's optimistic statements about the situation in the country.

Convincing Russians to take one of the three domestic vaccines is proving more difficult amid deep-seated public skepticism towards officials.

Anonymous source

At the same time, the Russian authorities continue to reject new restrictions within the country.

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