BoardBanners12, Flow and other new jailbreak tweaks

Now is the best time to jailbreak, especially if you have an iOS device. Available jailbreak iOS 11 and iOS 12, there is

support for A12 (X) devices, as well as a lot of expectations put on the checkm8 exploit. Everything seems to be possible.

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In the meantime, we do not stop talking about new tweaks. Below we will talk about all the new jailbreak tweaks that were released last week, and begin as usual with the best of them.

The best tweaks of the week


The notification system in iOS does not use the space on the sides of the notch. New jailbreak tweak Boardbanners12 it changes.



BoardBanners12 redesigns notifications banners so that they also cover the space on the sides of the recess. In addition, it allows you to choose a theme for banners.


Many loved the Flow music player, but recently it has been abandoned. If you miss him, you will like the new jailbreak tweak Flow.

Tweak changes the music playback interface in iOS, making it look like Cover Flow. Along with this, you will also receive additional useful extensions.

Other tweaks

AdaptiveCleanHeaders: Changes the background of titles in iOS (CydiaGeek).

AlwaysLatestTimeline: This ensures that the Twitter app always displays the latest tweets, not the most popular ones (link).

AnimationsBeFastPlus: Allows you to change system animations (Packix).

AVPlayerPlus: Adds new features and gestures to AVPlayer (Packix).

BatterySpotLabeless: Hides the Spotlight icon, changing it to charge level (CydiaGeek).

clearallmesg: Allows you to delete all messages at once in Messages (Packix).

ClearSafaToolbar: Makes the toolbar background in Safari transparent (BigBoss).

ConfirmPackages: Requests confirmation of the installation and removal of tweaks in Cydia (CydiaGeek).

Glitchykeys: Tweak simulating a bug with an empty Apple keyboard (Packix).

HideStatusBarItemsPro: Allows you to hide the elements of the status bar (Packix).

IGFeed: Horizontal Ribbon for Instagram (Packix).

lightGrayBarX: Makes the status bar background light gray on notched devices (CydiaGeek).

MoreNotificationLabelBattery: Displays the charge level in the Notification Center (CydiaGeek).

Originals: Allows you to easily and quickly translate iMessage and SMS (Packix) messages.

Romanpad (Beta): Adds Roman numerals (Packix) to the password entry buttons.

Seethrough-lite: Makes the lock screen transparent (Packix).

Taptaptime: Lets you double-tap AirPods to let Siri say the current time (level3tjg).

Time: Allows you to change the time on the lock screen (Packix).

Twttr Labs: Adds new features to the Twitter app (Dynastic Repo).