Boeing first experienced CAV cargo drone outdoors

The mass of CAV is 498 kg, it can carry up to 227 kg of cargo. The drone has a length of 6.1 m, in

width of 5.3 m and a height of 1.5 m. It is assumed that in the future unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to replace trucks in the transport of parcels and goods.

During previous tests, the drone was tiedcables to the floor in a Boeing test hangar located in Missouri. At the first stage of testing, this allows you to save the device in case of loss of control or emergency situations.

According to the company, during the test, the drone performed a vertical take-off, hung in the air, and then flew to a given point and landed.

Earlier it was reported that the Indonesian companyGaruda Indonesia before the end of the year will test the delivery of goods on unmanned aerial vehicles. If successful, the drones will begin to fulfill commercial orders in 2020.