Borderlands 3 officially announced: first details about the game

As promised, the developers from Gearbox came to PAX East 2019 and showed off their new project – Borderlands 3.

What is known

After a long introduction with jokes and tricksRandy Pitchford has officially announced Borderlands 3. Judging by the trailer, gamers will find an open world with a variety of locations, including settlements, swamps, and even cities with skyscrapers. The video also showed new main characters, and also hinted at the return of old ones, like Siren and Sir Hemmerlock. In the video, the characters fought side by side, which can be considered a hint at co-op. Players will also be treated to a good old rain of guns, and some guns will even have legs.

Unfortunately, Gearbox ended their presentation at this point, so the developers did not have time to tell more details about Borderlands 3 and name the release date of the game.