Bosch demonstrated a baby stroller: it will ride on its own (actually not)

The German diversified concern presented a rather unexpected novelty - a baby stroller with two

electric motors.

How it works?

The system uses two motors and severalsensors that allow parents to exert less effort on the stroller while walking. In addition, she will protect the child from unplanned movements of such a "transport". The system automatically examines the road surface, reinforcing motors on slopes and braking on slopes.

Moreover, the stroller will keep the road even on the side slopes, and if it loses control or a strong wind it stops completely.

The device also boasts goodbattery. The battery will allow you to walk almost 15 kilometers, and these 18 volt cells are compatible with those in Bosch power tools. A phone application will not only allow you to check the charge level, but also turn on the alarm in case you decide to steal a stroller. Also, no one will prohibit the use of a stroller with a dead battery - it just takes more effort.

When to expect?

Iron will be suitable for single or strollersfor the twins. However, instead of independently producing strollers, Bosch will work with partners to provide them with a platform for their own products. The Swedish company Emmaljunga has already scheduled the release of the first electric stroller in early 2020.


Source: Bosch