Boston Dynamics announced the date of the start of sales of SpotMini robbops

Boston Dynamics develops robots that use two legs, four legs and wheels to move.

At the same time, all the robots created by the company are prototypes; none of the developments has yet entered the market.

According to Rabert, to the start of sales to engineersthe company will have to refine the robots - in particular, to change the design of the skin and strengthen the protective housing. How much the robot will cost, the manager did not specify, promising that the final price will be announced in the summer of 2019.

Boston Dynamics has previously released a video on which 10 SpotMini robotic dogs are towing a truck.

Prior to this, Hightech published excerpts from an interview with the head of Boston Dynamics, Mark Rybert, in which robotics spoke about the principles of the company, the timing of the development of robots and the future of humanity.