Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog Available

Boston Dynamics launched the Robops Spot 2 years ago and has now announced sales.

Not for everyone yet

Unfortunately, Boston Dynamics has not made a Spot yet.publicly available - only those companies that find interesting application of the technology will be able to purchase them. Given the enormous cost of developing and creating these robots, it is not surprising that the current owner is very interested in generating income from the invention.

Thanks to 360-degree cameras and Spot sensorsmoves on uneven surfaces, stairs and can independently turn over and rise after falling. Without recharging, it works for up to 90 minutes. The robot also has IP54 protection, which will save the device from splashes and dust, but it is better not to throw it into the pool.

Interested parties can fill out a form on the Boston Dynamics website to write why they should receive one of these robots.