Bracelet SMARTERRA FitMaster 4

Even 2-3 years ago we could not even think that a fitness bracelet for 1000 rubles could not only measure steps and

show notifications from your smartphone, but alsomeasure blood pressure and also calculate the level of blood oxygen saturation. Today we’ll talk about SMARTERRA FitMaster 4 — a new product from the budget segment, which has exactly the same functionality. The review is published based on personal experience; it will cover all the features of the accessory and the advisability of purchasing it.

Review SMARTERRA FitMaster 4

Wearable gadget market is at its peakdevelopment, the number of proposals is increasing every month, in a place with him and the complexity of the choice. Today's watched bracelet from the budget segment. Price in the range from 1000 to 1500 rubles. Let's start with a list of features of the device.


  • calories burner
  • distance traveled
  • heart rate monitoring 24/7
  • blood pressure measurement, as well as the calculation of blood oxygen saturation level
  • activity tracking pedometer
  • vibration at incoming notifications, alarm clock
  • sleep tracking
  • IP67 water protection
  • autonomy — up to 10 days


Externally, the bracelet SMARTERRA FitMaster 4 remindsHonor Band 4, about the experience of the use of which we wrote earlier. Rounded touchscreen display that smoothly flows into the silicone strap. Under the display is a touch button. Design, time-tested, convenient and usable.


To synchronize the tracker with a smartphone onlast you need to install the Lefun Health application (available for iOS and Android). I will say right away that the application is not bad, all the information is displayed in a convenient form, graphics are built, there are a lot of sports chips. Personally, I treat those who do not particularly use the application on a smartphone, but take all the information from the display of the bracelet. That is why in the application I did not dig deep. But according to small tests there is everything you need.


The FitMaster 4 bracelet comes in plasticblister. There you can find a bracelet with a black strap, a spare turquoise-colored silicone strap and instructions. There is no charge, it is hidden in a bracelet here (a rather non-standard solution).


Surprisingly, the budget fitness bracelet hassupport not only standard fitness functions in the form of a pedometer and a pulse meter. The device is able to measure blood pressure, as well as the level of blood oxygen saturation. Naturally, these are not exact measurements, and they have an error, a household appliance.

As for the pedometer, the bracelet readingsgives sane, yes, there is an error, but it is not critical and does not affect the overall picture of the day. But with a pulsomer, not everything is so smooth. To measure, the bracelet must be very tight to the hand. For me personally, this is not convenient; I am used to wearing watches and bracelets freely.

For whom

Undoubtedly SMARTERRA FitMaster 4 refers toentry level fitness bracelets. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the world of wearable accessories, then for you it will be a good start, all the basic functions in the device are and work stably. Notifications from the smartphone arrive on time, fitness functions work correctly. I do not recommend the bracelet to people with poor eyesight, such a display is not enough for comfortable reading of information, here the budget should be 5-6 times higher, at least.

The bracelet is provided for review by SMARTERRA. You can get acquainted with the product on the official page of the company.