Brain aging cannot be stopped, but there is a way to avoid dangerous diseases

The brain inevitably begins to work worse over time. However, it's not so bad if you know how.

prevent serious deterioration of memory and other cognitive functions, and with it the development of senile dementia. Discuss

In order for the aging of the brain to be healthy, you need to adhere to a certain regimen. This will prevent Alzheimer's disease.

For example, it is important to include regular physical activity in your daily routine. In addition, proper nutrition, maintaining weight within normal limits will be useful.

An active social life, as well as study, positively affects brain health. This is especially important for the elderly.

In summer, fresh vegetables are also sold on every corner.and fruits. Such products contain polyphenols, thanks to which the body copes with diseases better, and the condition of the cells of the body as a whole improves. All this contributes to an increase in life expectancy. In addition, many polyphenols can be found in red wine, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

There is even a special gymnastics for the brain. It's called neuroscience. It includes activities such as walking in an unfamiliar area, shopping at another store, etc.

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