Britain confirms that Russia is bombing Ukrainian cities with Kh-55 strategic missiles with a simulated nuclear warhead

The Ukrainian edition of Defense Express studied photographs of the wreckage of Russian missiles and wrote on November 17 that Russia

began to use Kh-55 cruise missiles with a simulated nuclear warhead. Almost two weeks later, British intelligence confirmed this.

What is known

The corresponding statement appeared onthe official Twitter page of the British Ministry of Defense. The Russian Kh-55 air-launched strategic cruise missile was developed in the 1980s to carry a nuclear warhead.

After one of the massive rocket attacksUkrainian cities in mid-November, it was found that instead of a nuclear warhead, the Kh-55 was equipped with a simulator. British intelligence believes that in this way the Russians tried to create more problems for the air defense system of Ukraine.

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Experts note that even with the X-55 simulatormay cause damage, but it is unlikely to be enough to achieve the intended purpose. Also, the British intelligence report indicated that the use of strategic carriers of nuclear warheads indicates the depletion of the stock of missiles. But, as we all could see more than once, counting Russian missiles is a thankless task.